The Apollo Advantage

The comprehensive information resources developed by Apollo Managed Care put the power of information in your hands with a portfolio of expertly prepared and continuously updated web-based guidelines. Our application gives your care professionals access to review criteria and guidelines delivered in a format that can help reduce expense, increase productivity, enable a higher quality of care and deliver greater consistency in the decision-making process.

 Apollo Medical Review Criteria and Guidelines for Managing Care® are accepted by major accrediting organizations.

 Continuous, real-time updates enable more informed decisions

 Affordable subscription fees reduce administrative costs

 Intuitive, user-friendly design allows for efficient and effective utilization review

 Integration capabilities further enhance efficiency and productivity

 Streamlined information displays deliver meaningful content at a glance

 Customizable criteria and guidelines to fit your organizational needs

 Easy access to support services offers rapid response to criteria-related and clinical questions

A number of national health plans have approved Apollo review criteria guidelines for use by their contracted medicals groups and IPAs.

The Apollo Advantage

Additional Benefits

A built-in mechanism allows the user to ask a criteria-related question and receive a response within 2 business days. Clients do not have to work through a cumbersome ticket system to get the support they need.

A user-friendly dashboard highlights recently modified and recently added guidelines, so healthcare professionals are always aware of the most current clinical guidance.

Rapid development of new guidelines is achieved using a unique algorithm that provides search notifications to the Apollo team—if the search is on an area or subject not already addressed, the team will develop and post a new guideline.