Apollo solutions are significantly more affordable than competitor offerings while delivering comparable content excellence.Reduce expenses while maintaining quality guidance.



Apollo’s user-friendly guidelines make it easy for healthcare practitioners to quickly access the information they need. Save time and money while enhancing performance.



Apollo solutions have become the preferred evidence-based tools for so many by offering continuously updated materials. Access the latest guidelines for more informed care decisions.

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For over 15 years, Apollo Managed Care publications have been a trusted resource for providing medical review criteria and guidelines that assist in identifying case management and treatment options that are appropriate and medically necessary. Apollo’s Web-based medical review criteria and guidelines are 100% evidence-based and operate within an advanced Microsoft .NET framework that facilitates rapid integration with existing Utilization Management and Care Management systems.

The Apollo Advantage

The Apollo Advantage

Whether you are an IPA, a health plan, a care management firm or other organization involved in ensuring appropriate patient care, the right clinical guidance application can make all the difference. Discover what makes an Apollo solution your best option. Reduce costs. Enhance productivity. Improve quality of care.


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Apollo products have become preferred tools for so many users by offering evidence-based, continuously updated materials in an economical and easily accessible format. The comprehensive information resourced developed by Apollo Managed Care put the power of information in your hands - easily and affordably. The portfolio of expertly prepared and continuously updated Apollo web-based applications provides access to review criteria and guidelines that can offer greater cost efficiency and productivity, higher quality of care and more consistency in the decision-making process.


  • Apollo Medical Review Criteria and Guidelines for Managing Care® are accepted by major accrediting organizations.
  • Includes more than 5,000 detailed clinical review criteria guidelines and evidence-based benefit interpretations.
  • Assists utilization management and claims departments with essential information to assist in medically-necessary benefit determinations.
  • Content is continuously updated as new information becomes available.

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The Apollo Managed care online guidance has been redesigned to deliver the information you need more quickly and easily. It's the same Apollo medical review criteria and guideline content any faster and simpler to use. Apollo's newly designed database includes faster lead times, and improved user interface and area improve productivity.



Customers with an active license to use the Apollo Managed Care online portal can now easily access our online guidance on their mobile phone or tablet. Download Apollo Go from Google Play or the App Store today!

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