Managing Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation Care

 Detailed review criteria for adult/pediatric OT, PT, speech therapy plus therapy-related DME.

 Detailed review criteria guidelines for inpatient rehabilitation unit/hospital admission, continued stay and discharge.

 The recommended number of visits required to treat specific conditions and instruct patients for self-directed home care.

 Resources include example protocols and quality monitors throughout including the Oregon Pediatric guidelines for rehabilitation, websites.


  • Preface
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services - Utilization Management Issues
  • Modalities
  • Speech-Language Pathology Therapy
  • Visit Authorization Guidelines, Shoulder and Thorax
  • Visit Authorization Guidelines, Hip and Pelvis
  • Visit Authorization Guidelines, Upper Extremities
  • Visit Authorization Guidelines, Lower Extremities
  • Visit Authorization Guidelines, Disease or Disorder Specific Guidelines
  • Visit Authorization Guidelines, Back, Including Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar-Sacral Spine
  • Visit Authorization Guidelines by Skeletal Structure or Disorder - Overview
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS)/Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Home Exercise Programs + Patient Education Materials
  • Addenda
  • Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Guidelines
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Guidelines