Policy Objectives

Apollo Managed Care, Inc. (“Apollo”) is committed to establishing superior quality prior to the publishing of new or updated content on our user portal. By enforcing minimum qualifications of authors and sources of health content to ensure quality content.


This policy applies to Apollos medical review criteria and clinical guidelines on our user portal. Portal

Policy Statement

Apollo Managed Care Inc.’s Medical Review Criteria and Clinical Guidelines (“guidelines”) provide evidence-based information from peer-reviewed literature. The guidelines are used to assist in determining medical necessity, support clinical decision-making in patient care, and facilitate care management. Apollo Managed Care, Inc.’s editors and publishers follows a stringent editorial process to ensure the information is current, curated from respected medical resources, and continuously updated.

The Team

The editorial team is comprised of editors and publishers who have experience as a practicing practitioner. All practitioners must possess a current and active license or certification in the US or equivalent license in another country for the profession that they represent. Board Certification is also required for Medical Doctors (MD) and Doctors of Osteopathy (DO).

All members of Apollo’s Editorial Team are trained in Apollo’s evidence-based approach when searching and referencing peer-reviewed literature in order to provide the information necessary for clinical decisions.

The details of the Editorial Team can be found on the About Us page at http://apollomanagedcare.com/team.

Guideline Reviews

After the editor’s review is complete, the guidelines are submitted to a publisher for peer review and/or approval of publishing. The review process follows the following criteria:

- New and reviewed (“updated”) guidelines are submitted by all editors for peer review.

- Publishers review the guideline for content appropriateness, medical necessity evidence, ensure the links operate appropriately, that the guideline content reflects the most current medical information available, that guidelines follow established template format and meet the review timeframes.

Guideline Content Disclaimer

The publishers and editors will never knowingly create, publish, or reference health content, that either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective or dangerous products.

Advertising, Promotion & Sponsorship Policy

Apollo Managed Care, Inc. does not accept advertising from outside parties to be displayed on the www.apollomanagedcare.com website, on the user portal, or in the Apollo Managed Care licensed content (guidelines).

Apollo Managed Care, Inc. does not allow paid, promotional or sponsored content on our website, nor do we generate any revenue from advertising, promotions or sponsorships. Apollo Managed Care, Inc. reserves the right to promote our own products and services by including information pertaining to our own products and services on our website.