Industry Segments

Best-in-class clinical guidance solutions that support patient care knowledge objectives for all business profiles.

Apollo’s advanced clinical guidance solutions can be used by any organization seeking to empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions regarding patient care or to substantiate care decisions previously made. Evidence-based criteria and proven best practices are easily accessed using Web-based applications that may be readily integrated with existing industry applications.

Health Plans

Health plans are constantly striving for more effective strategies to enable the delivery of high quality care that promotes increased wellness and healthier outcomes for the populations they serve. While most clinical guidance applications use best practices and evidence-based criteria help identify appropriate care, some solutions are more effective than others in delivering cost and quality advantages for both health plans and their members.

Information for Health Plans

Third Party Administrators

In an environment where every healthcare dollar must be accounted for, TPAs are leading the charge to reduce the high cost of employee benefits. This does not mean that they are willing to sacrifice care excellence in return for lower rates. The TPA business model is focused on providing access to innovative plan designs that incorporate quality health care providers and programs enabled by personal service; supported by effective health and wellness initiatives; delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.

Information for Health Plans

Provider Organizations

Founded by Margaret D. Bischel, MD, FACP, Apollo’s mission is to provide highly affordable, efficient and effective tools that empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions regarding patient care. Hospitals, MSOs, IPAs and PHOs and other provider-based organizations find that Apollo’s Web-based Clinical Guidance Solutions have been designed with their needs in mind. Content is easy to navigate, screens are designed to deliver the right information in the right views, and affordable subscription fees allow even smaller physician-owned organizations to access high quality, comprehensive, evidence-based criteria.

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Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral care incorporates a complex array of treatments and programs that may target a combination of physical, mental and emotional conditions within a patient. Apollo has developed two applications specifically designed to deliver detailed clinical review criteria guidelines and evidence-based benefit interpretations for behavioral health practices—Managing Behavioral Healthcare; Review Criteria, Case Management and Disease State Management Strategies II: Clinical Behavioral Health.

Information for Health Plans

Review Organizations, Health Departments, Licensing Boards, Consulting and Legal Firms

Because Apollo solutions provide easy and affordable access to essential information highlighting best practices and evidence-based care, they are used by many different types of organizations with specific objectives.

Information for Health Plans