Review Organizations, Health Departments, Licensing Boards, Consulting and Legal Firms

Because Apollo solutions provide easy and affordable access to essential information highlighting best practices and evidence-based care, they are used by many different types of organizations with specific objectives.


  • Review Organizations:
    Since 1997, Apollo has been a trusted resource for providing medical review criteria and guidelines that assist in identifying case management and treatment options that are appropriate and medically necessary. With Web-based solutions that support NCQA, URAC and other agency accreditation, review organizations know that their clinical support personnel have the information they need to confirm the most appropriate treatment call. Apollo also provides expert utilization management support for challenging review issues and appeals at no additional cost.
  • Health Departments:
    When health departments need to confirm appropriate care strategies for specific situations, they turn to Apollo solutions. Apollo solutions are significantly more affordable than competitor offerings while delivering comparable content excellence. User-friendly guidelines make it easy for health departments to quickly access the information they need, while continuously updated content means access the latest guidelines for more informed care decisions.
  • Licensing Boards:
    Licensing boards need access to the most current criteria of care to ensure that practicing physicians have the knowledge base needed to meet minimum requirements for safe practice. Apollo guidelines are affordable and provide continuously updated, evidence-based material to assist in the development of examination questions and the evaluation of treatment complaints.
  • Consulting and Legal Firms:
    Accredited information on best practices and standards of care is essential to consulting and legal firms involved in healthcare. Apollo solutions have been helping these organizations for years—delivering ready access to verifiable resources that are court admissible and acknowledged by industry experts.