Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral care incorporates a complex array of treatments and programs that may target a combination of physical, mental and emotional conditions. Apollo has developed two applications specifically designed to deliver detailed clinical review criteria guidelines and evidence-based benefit interpretations for behavioral health practices—Managing Behavioral Healthcare; Review Criteria, Case Management and Disease State Management Strategies II: Clinical Behavioral Health.

Apollo Solutions Support Behavioral Health Providers:

  • Achieve rapid ROI:
    Apollo clinical guidance technology is a fraction of the expense of other systems while offering similar content excellence.
  • Improve efficiency & productivity:
    Intuitive, user-friendly design allows utilization review and care management staffs to be more productive, with guidance that supports accuracy and consistency.
  • Receive expert assistance:
    A built-in mechanism allows users to ask a criteria-related question and receive a response within 24 hours or less.
  • Enhance staff satisfaction:
    Streamlined information displays deliver more meaningful content at a glance and eliminate frustrating click searches to find the right information.
  • Support comprehensive care management initiatives:
    Comprehensive guidelines deliver evidence-based support for behavioral healthcare encounters while our Disease State Management II application highlights best practices and proven effective methodologies for treating diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s disease, alcohol abuse or dependence, major depression, smoking cessation, ADHD, etc.
  • Maintain compliance:
    Provide care guidance that is backed by multiple accredited sources and clinical associations to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Receive help with challenging issues:
    Apollo provides expert utilization management support for challenging review issues and appeals without additional cost to any subscriber.
  • Integrate with existing applications:
    A Microsoft .NET framework facilitates rapid integration with existing Utilization Management and Care Management systems or other applications.